Upillar.com Law Enforcement & Anti-Fraud Policies

Read this Firearms & Ammo Policy before accessing upillar.com website address (“upillar.com”).
Effective Date: This Firearms & Ammo Policy was last updated on October 21, 2011.

  • upillar.com is committed to promoting the safe use of our site and our technology platforms. In keeping with this commitment, we collaborate with local, federal, regional, and international law enforcement officials and organizations in an effort to keep the upillar.com community of buyers and sellers safe, and to prosecute criminals who commit fraud or attempt to use our technology with criminal intent.
  • Law enforcement and public safety officials needing assistance or records for investigations related to items listed or the fraudulent use of our site should contact Assistant at (435) 652-0827 Ext 111.
  • If you are not a public safety or law enforcement official, but would like to report a concern or problem, please contact us here.