Welcome to upillar.com. This page is intended to help you get the most from our free website. Of course with upillar.com, you may just fill in all the information as it is asked, but we are here to show you how to get the most out of your money. Wait you didn't pay anything! So here we go.


upillar.com consists of a few sections; Classifieds, Motors, Real Estate, Jobs. You may ask why we have separated our website into these sections... First and foremost, each section is very specific. It requires a lot of specific data, search options, and features. In order for upillar.com to be innovative and bring new features no one else has ever thought of, we needed dedicated sections to the most popular online subjects. The best part of how we have separated the sections is that you only have one “myupillar” and it gives you the ability to monitor and keep track of all your items no matter which section they belong in.



upillar.com is built on a new type of platform. You have your main account. Under that account, you can choose to create storefronts for many of the sections. Example, you can create a car dealership under your private account. When you create a storefront, you are able to switch back and forth between your private account and your storefront with just one click of a button. No need to remember usernames or passwords. With this new feature, you may also send out invites to other upillar.com users so they can access your storefront. What you end up having is many users managing a storefront. They can respond to messages, phone calls, comments, update listings, and much more! You can also see what each user is doing and track their changes. Storefronts are completely separate from your private account. All messages, comments, and preferences are separated from your private account for many reasons. By doing this, you dont mix your storefront stuff with your private stuff. You can also update banners and photos for your storefront to give your customers more confidence in your online store.


You will find many new features within your myupillar. Keep in mind that you have a myupillar for your private account, and also for each storefront you own or are invited to be part of. Within myupillar, you will find a host of new features. Here are a few:

  1. Save searches. Save searches give you the ability to create a search, then save it. As soon as a listing becomes available in that search, you are immediately notified. How cool is that! You can even get specific with each save search. Keep your searches as broad or specific as you want. Our system can handle it! Go ahead, give it a try. Conduct a search, narrow down with the specifics, then save the search and sit back and wait for them to emailed to you!
  2. Notifications: When ever an action is performed on upillar.com that involves your account, we atomically send you a notification. You can choose which notifications you wan to receive in the “Notification Settings” link in your myupillar. Some examples are; if someone comments on your listing, if someone messages you, if your listings is approved or denied, etc.
  3. Favorites: See something you like? Go ahead and mark it as a favorite. It is automatically saved in your myupillar under “Favorites” so you can easily find it later.
  4. Support Issues: When you come to a broken page, you can create a support issue. When this is created, we are notified and it is placed under “Support Issues” in your myupillar. This is really cool since it allows you to follow along with our support staff and see the progress of that issue. It also allows you to follow along with any flags you may create for inappropriate listings or fake listings. Rather than keep you in the dark, we wanted to keep you up-to-date with the progress of the support ticket.
  5. The new category breakdown: You will see each section on the left. If you have any listings in those sections, they will be displayed there. Just click on the section and you will see the statuses of the listings you have and links to view them. This makes it very easy for you to manage your listings across our website.

Listing Comments:

When creating a listing, you can choose whether or not you want to allow comments. Keep your buyers engaged by allowing them to comment on your listing. This feature also allows you to keep in touch with your customers in a more real-time way instead of the emailing through our system.

Don't want to allow comments on your listing? No problem, just go ahead and disable it through either editing your listing, or choosing not to allow comments while creating the listing.

Item Description

We will use the first 50 characters in your description in the search results page. This helps users see what you are selling without clicking on your item from the results page. Make sure you use something catchy. Try to catch their attention so they click on your listing.


When filling in your contact details, remember this simple rule, as used by the professionals: you may only get one chance to make the sale. That means the more difficult it is for a customer to contact you, the less likely they'll keep trying, so give them as many contact number as you feel comfortable with.

You can pick and choose which listings you want your contact information to be displayed on. This feature is done through a per listing process when creating or editing a listing. If you do choose to display your contact information, remember the following;

  1. Use your mobile number or a number that you can be reached at. It is very important to allow the buyer to reach you easily. Try not to use a number where someone else will be answering the phone. Example a work number.
  2. Email: We won't publish your email address because it's too easy to get 'spammed'. However, when someone is trying to contact you, their email will be forwarded to you but not shown to them, Please note that we reserve the right to eliminate emails that in our opinion (a) might be unsolicited junk mail, (b) might be offensive or fraudulent in nature and or (c) might breach the terms and conditions of use of this site or (d) otherwise are - in our sole discretion - not in the interests of upillar.com. We suggest that you check your email regularly and respond to the person enquiring as promptly as possible. Any delay lowers the likelihood that the potential buyer will complete the sale.


Make sure you put how much you want for your item. If you do not offer a price, studies show that most users will not contact you. They like to know what you are asking before going through the trouble of contacting or emailing you.

For the Motors section: You know how much you want from your car, but do you know how realistic that price really is? That is why we have teamed up with NADAguides. Through the listing process, you will automatically see the value of your vehicle. Now that you know the value of your vehicle, you can make an educated asking price. If your price is lower than the NADAguides recommended value, your car will show up as an "Equity Item". This shows users that your item is a better deal than the published market value.

Run a search through our website for cars matching your make, model, and miles and see what everyone else is asking.


This may very well be the single most important thing you can do to increase your chances of success. The professional car dealers who use our website have found that ads with just one photo of the specific car are almost 20 times more likely to get interest from a buyer than ads with no photos! It makes sense, as a buyer wouldn't you want to see a photo before investing more time in following up? So if you have a digital camera, use it. If not, consider sending us your photos via mail, and we will gladly post them for you. Here are some tips on photo taking:

  1. Make sure the sun is behind you and usually take the photos from the side. They look nicer when you can see the details of the item you are listing.
  2. Don't bother shooting on the highest quality camera that you have. The smaller the file the better. We will compress your photos anyways, so make sure you choose the best pictures and be patient when uploading them. It will take time to upload them to our site.
  3. You can use a scanner to scan a printed photo of your car too. These can be just as good as a digital shot, but remember to crop the pic and save it in the right size and resolution.
  4. JPEG, .png and GIF are the only types of files allowed to be uploaded. These are the formats used by digital cameras anyway, and any graphics editing package should allow you to save any graphic file in one or both of these formats.
  5. We allow you to submit up to 50 photos of your item! All photos are supersized for free. Take that ebay.


Once you have uploaded all the photos, you will be taken to an upgrade page. If you wish to upgrade your listing to get more exposure, this is where you will do that. Choose which upgrades you want, then checkout. If you do not want upgrades, just click “No Thanks” and you will be taken to your listing.


When you become uverified, you show users that you are a real, legitimate user. Give other users confidence that you are not a scam artist or fraud. To become verified, just click on the uverified link in your myupillar. Once verified, that status will show up on every one of your listings and in the future in all your email correspondence.


At a later date, you might discover you've made an error in your ad. Don't worry, just log in and go to your "myupillar" and click on the “Edit” link to the far right of any of your listings.


After you have created your advertisement, your item will automatically be uploaded to the site, you may want to search for your item or vehicle. Please understand that it may take up to 24 hours to appear on the live site from the time you finalize your listing.


In dictionary-speak, |yoō ˈpilər|; U as in “You,” and pillar, like a column.  Our objective was a combination of you, or U, and the strength and support signified by the word “pillar.” The bottom line is, whether you’re buying or selling online, Upillar.com offers the online sales support “U” need and can rely on.


Simply put, Upillar.com gets online classified sales right. Our basic listings are completely free, our upgrades are extremely affordable, and all of our listings are supported with superior search capabilities- our users can search for items nationwide and narrow results by specific keywords or categories to find items that typically fall off the radar using other classifieds.

With Craigslist, you're forced to list items in every large geographic market to make them available nationwide. You also have to repeatedly relist items to keep them ‘fresh’ and viewable as they are constantly replaced by newer posts. With eBay's auction model, you, the seller, are responsible for all the fees and credit card transaction or paypal fees associated with selling on their website.  Upillar.com has been designed specifically around eliminating those frustrations.


Upillar.com is free of sexual and otherwise inappropriate content. At Upillar.com, we made the conscious decision to ban inappropriate listings and content – unlike other sites. We provide no dedicated section of our site for prostitution, sexual services, or meet-up listings. Beyond this, we actively monitor the site for inappropriate content and routinely eliminate listings offering sexual services. Before any listing goes live it is first subjected to an in-house approval process.

Since our staff uses software and man / woman power to filter ads, some do get through the cracks and become available online. Just log in and report the item as inappropriate and we will take it down and ban the user from using our site again.

Of course, however, there are some with the sole intent of defiling any organization and rules therein- those that would disguise or mask their ads in order to propagate their ulterior motives. Because of this, there may be times we are unable to catch each and every inappropriate listing even with a team dedicated to reviewing content. When that happens, we urge users to let us know immediately and to flag the listing for review when they find offensive content. There is a "Flag listings as inappropriate" on every page.


Absolutely. All Upillar listings are 100% free – in the event you'd like to upgrade, we make it easy and affordable. Upgrades are helpful to draw more attention to your items but are not necessary. Our low-cost upgrades help you generate more exposure for your listings than they would otherwise- this helps you sell your items faster. Also, it’s worth stating again that all basic listings on Upillar.com are free and will continue to be free – even job listings!


Our Upillar.com listing upgrades break down as follows:

Homepage Featured$49.00

Listings are active for 90 days.



Upillar.com's technology platform was built from the ground up to ensure that we're the easiest and most effective place to buy and sell previously owned and new vehicles online.

Upillar.com's superior listing platform and search engine lets you upload inventory seamlessly and efficiently – while at the same time, lets your potential buyers easily narrow their searches to find exactly what they're looking for. More importantly, our patent-pending interface structure makes Upillar.com the only online selling site able to incorporate proprietary, up-to-the-minute NADA valuation data in every auto listing you post – so buyers know when you're offering a solid deal.

Get your cars sold with the most affordable classifieds and ad platform in the world. Call our dealership sign up team at (435)652-0827


YES! Upillar.com's user-interface helps you establish a virtual dealership or storefront, step by step. At the same time, we know how important it is to have more than just online support. To guarantee your success, Upillar.com assigns a personal account representative – at no additional cost – to every dealership created. Your account representative is available to answer any questions you may have, walk you through our platform, and give you advice on what works well and what doesn't, when establishing your virtual dealership.


We have live help on staff during business hours and will always do our best to help you and offer the support you need.

How do your dealership listing costs compare with other sites?

Upillar.com's flat-fee cost structure makes it one of the most affordable ways to start – or maintain – an online dealership. Upillar.com charges dealers significantly less than other online sites – tens of thousands of dollars less.



Upillar.com is a privately held company founded and headquartered in Nevada. Founder and CEO Trevor Milton self-funded the Initial development and launch of Upillar.com. If you are interested in investing in upillar.com, please contact our support staff and ask for help.  A respected serial entrepreneur, Milton left college to establish a successful online auto-sales operation. While profitable, the experience showed him first-hand some of the limitations of most existing online sales platforms. Intent on “building a better mousetrap,” Milton then channeled his profits into building Upillar.com’s proprietary technology platform which, in addition to providing superior search capabilities, automatically includes up-to-the-minute valuation data from the National Association of Auto Dealers (NADA) in every vehicle listing.

Building the free online classified Upillar.com which, unlike other popular online classified sites, allows users to search nationwide and narrow their results instantly, has solidified Milton’s position as an authority on superior Internet sales platforms, item valuation and the creation of online storefronts.


Upillar.com'ss corporate offices are in St. George, Utah.