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Interface Improvements

We are sticking to our goal to do everything we can to make upillar the most user friendly classified website out there. This is why we set up our Get Satisfaction page and to help us see what our users want. We want to thank everyone for their user feedback and assure you that we read and consider every comment. Here is a list of improvements from your feedback and upgrades by our development team. ▪    Internet Explorer 8 users are now able to log in ▪    On my upillar you can see how many times your item has been viewed ▪    Share your item on Facebook, Myspace, Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, and Delicious ▪    Improvements to photo uploader ▪    Credit Card payment page improvements

The Economics of Free

Chris Anderson, Editor  in Chief of Wired, has a great article about the emerging "Gift Economy." Read the entire article here.

Fox 5 Las Vegas

Owner and founder of Trevor Milton was be featured on the "Moore Show" between 9:00-9:30 CST on Fox News Las Vegas. He was recently interviewed about how families are sitting on a gold mine of junk. Did you know that the average family has $25,000 worth of unused items in their home, garage, & storage unit?

New Changes from user feedback.

After receiving some very helpful suggestions since adding our Get Satisfaction feedback tab, our development team implemented some new and very useful changes to We hope they contribute to a better upillar experience. Please continue to let us know if there is anything that would make the site better for you! Some of these changes include:
  • single login and account creation for both upillar sites
  • ability to not show your name and phone number on a listing
  • new and improved site navigation and search bar
  • easy to find create an ad button
  • font colors
  • moving the categories up higher on the home page
We are currently working on refining the category selection process to help make it easier to find what category your item should be listed under. We hope you enjoy the new changes. Look for our new articles that we will be posting here on the blog about how much your junk could possibly be worth.


As a goal upillar strives to provide what the customer asked for. We listened to what you have to say and are currently working to provide a single sign on and account creation to both of upillar's sites. I am currently working towards implementing and testing this sign on and am hoping to get this pushed out into the wild before next week. We have also taken note of some people's desire not to show a phone number along with their listing and will be working to implement that as soon as possible. We always appreciate any comments or suggestions and look forward to hearing from you.

Unexpected Downtime

Last night in the attempt to improve security on the upillar site we added the SSL (secure socket layer) into the upillar classifieds site.  This was already setup and a fairly smooth experience on our upillar motors section so we didn't anticipate trouble.  However, we ran into a couple of problems, each one fairly easy to resolve but each solution raised another issue that had to be addressed.  Because of the issues we are working to implement a staging server so that we don't run into production only problems again. The result of the downtime is that anyone trying to create an account on 05/21/09 from around 7PM (MDT) till 10PM (MDT) will have either received an error or a security warning.  These have been resolved and accounts can be created once again. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused and if you have any issues please don't hesitate to comment on this blog or our Get Satisfaction page.  We always want to hear your opinions, problems and ideas.

How you can help

We are always striving to improve the experience of using  In this effort we need help, user opinions are greatly appreciated and help us to build the exact site that you want.  We practice agile development methodologies so that recommendations you make can quickly be integrated into the site. How can you give us your ideas?  There are multiple ways. 1) Get Satisfaction: 2) Email: Any recommendations, critiques, ideas, and improvements sent to us will be taken into careful consideration.  As a reward will be offering promotion codes, gift cards, and more to people who take the time to help us improve our service. We look forward to hearing from you and building the best site possible.'s blog

We would like to welcome everyone to's blog. We hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment, we read every comment posted by our users!