The Word is Out

Industry watchers believe is well-positioned to give other online-classified sites a run for the money
ST. GEORGE, Utah - July 14, 2009: Motors officially launched today with the mission of helping dealers establish a more successful, less expensive online presence and a more efficient marketplace. Among its first-to-market features, Motors is the only online-listing site purpose-built – incorporating patent-pending technology – to automatically include up-to-date vehicle valuation data from the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Appraisal Guides in every vehicle listing. Unlike other sites, car buyers aren’t required to leave and manually find and fill in information about a particular car to determine if the asking price is fair; NADA data is already filled in and on the same page as the vehicle. Nor does the dealer have to expend extra effort. As the car information is input, the NADA data populates the listing automatically. Founder and CEO Trevor Milton, 27, said’s nationwide launch comes in the wake of strong demand after months of beta testing for the flat-fee vehicle-listing service, now available at an introductory price of $750 per year for each dealership. “Dealer reaction to Motors has been very promising,” said Milton, a serial entrepreneur. “Car dealers love the combination of unlimited listings with no expiration dates; detailed customer tracking; call tracking; email tracking; complimentary toll-free number; and unlimited calls. With Motors, it’s easy to upload your vehicles in a short time. We work with a dealer’s inventory-management company or help dealers upload listings themselves – and we typically can have inventory up and searchable within 72 hours of creating an account. From then on, a dealer’s inventory is updated nightly. It’s completely effortless! Dealers list their vehicles once, and they automatically remain searchable from anywhere. For a flat $750 a year, you can’t beat it!” Milton, who founded to specifically address the pain points he experienced while establishing his own successful online auto sales operation, stressed the significance of’s proprietary valuation tool, developed in cooperation with NADA, “the voice of the dealer.” “With, dealers can automatically prove the quality of the deal they’re offering to interested buyers,” he explained. “We also make it easy for them to create virtual dealerships, and to draw attention to featured items with cost-effective premium listings.” Another key feature proving popular with dealers: offers a 1-800 number tracking feature that allows dealers to record and monitor calls by their sales people, and lets them track the results of each of their listings. Industry watchers believe is well-positioned to give other online classified sites a run for the money, successfully competing for the attention of the 132 million online buyers and sellers predicted to emerge over the next decade in a recent Pew study. By melding state-of-the-industry search capabilities and exclusive NADA data access with the most-popular features of established auction and classified sites, is positioning itself to become the online auto-sales category killer. “I see dealerships every day that spend upwards of $40,000 a year to list on other sales sites,” Milton explained. “ offers dealers a much-needed way to save tens of thousands of dollars. At a flat $750 a year, you can’t find a better solution.” This article was picked up by Fox Business, Utah Pulse, The Auto Channel, Aftermarket Carlenta, Trading Markets, Advanced Auto Agent, and Scottrade.