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Upstart Free Classified Ad Site Melds Superior Search Capabilities, Built-In NADA Valuation Tool; Offers Promotional Upgrades, T-Shirts, Contests for Early Sellers on Site Free from Sex Listings

ST. GEORGE, Utah (July 14, 2009) – “Superior search, meet instant valuation. Valuation? Superior search.” – the easiest, most efficient and most cost-effective place to buy and sell items online – launched today with the mission of eliminating the aggravation, exposure to sexual content, time and expense experienced by users of most established auction and electronic-classified advertising sites.

Founder and CEO Trevor Milton, 27, said’s nationwide launch comes in the wake of strong demand for the free online listing service generated during months of beta testing. “Reaction to has been extremely gratifying,” said Milton, a serial entrepreneur. “Once they try it, people love the combination of free listings, our unique search capabilities, and our proprietary valuation tools. It’s easy to post a lot of items in a short time – and then you don’t have to think about them again until someone wants to buy.

“With, you list your item once and it automatically remains searchable from anywhere. There’s no need to post an item in multiple markets; there’s no need to constantly relist items to stay in front of potential buyers; and there’s no need to constantly ‘babysit’ your listings for the 60 days that all of our listings remain live.

“It’s an unbeatable combination!” Milton says.

Among its first-to-market features, is the only online-listing site purpose-built – incorporating patent-pending technology – to automatically include up-to-date valuation data from the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) in every vehicle listing. Unlike other classified sites, buyers do not have to go to another website and manually fill in information about a particular car to determine if the asking price is fair. Data from the NADA Appraisal Guides is already filled in and on the same page as the vehicle.

Free means free

Another aspect of the site that is appealing to users unhappy with other online sales sites: has made the strategic decision to stay out of the financial transaction between buyers and sellers. It has no plans to establish an online payment service and, therefore, imposes no surcharges on individual sales.

“Some sites claim to be free to end users, but they require so much time and effort from the seller, they make it tough for buyers to find the items they’re looking for or they impose hidden fees. Are they really free?” Milton poses. “At, our basic listings are free. Our buyers and sellers are free to pay and accept payment however they see fit. And our search function and site navigation frees our sellers from the work of maintaining listings other so-called free sites require.”

The free online listing service derives its revenues primarily from fees for premium listings and from automotive, motorcycle, RV and boat dealerships. is rapidly attracting dealers interested in establishing flat-fee, “virtual dealerships” with its patented, built-in inclusion of NADA vehicle-valuation data in every listing. “Auto dealers are now able to automatically prove the quality of the deal they’re offering to interested buyers,” Milton explains. “We also make it easy for them to create virtual dealerships, and to draw attention to important items with cost-effective premium listings.”

Safety first

Another “free” feature can lay claim to: Freedom from porn and sex listings. The company’s management team is committed to creating a safe environment that’s free from inappropriate material. “One of our core missions is keeping free from some of the less savory listings that have offended users and sullied the reputations of other online ad services,” Milton says. “We’re working hard to create the kind of environment that you won’t mind your 12-year-old clicking through.”

Industry watchers believe is well-positioned to give other online-classified sites a run for the money, successfully competing for the attention of the 132 million online buyers and sellers predicted to emerge over the next decade in a recent Pew study.

By focusing its early business model on auto dealers, comes out of the gate with a targeted, focused and motivated base for driving revenues – and the site’s pricing strategy for online retailers and dealers is designed to appeal to cash-strapped businesses – especially those in the automobile industry.

Free upgrades for all! Aloha!

To sweeten the pot for first-time users, is offering an introductory promotion – with perks ranging from free listing upgrades to participation in a drawing for a free trip for four to Maui – for individuals who post multiple listings on the site. Those who register with the code “FreeStuff” will receive a free upgrade for their first item listing. Those posting at least five items for sale will receive five free listing upgrades; post 10 items for sale and will upgrade your listings to featured home page listings. Put up 15 items, and will upgrade your listings and send you a free T-shirt. Finally, every user who posts an item for sale will be automatically entered into a year-end drawing for the Maui trip. “Free listings, promotional upgrades and the chance to see Hawaii!” said Milton. “Is there a better way to get rid of the clutter and generate some cash?”

About ( is a free, online classified advertising site launched nationwide in July 2009 in the wake of an extremely successful beta launch. Fast, free, easy and convenient, is the first online sales site to combine proprietary valuation tools, superior search capabilities and ease-of-navigation purpose-built to optimize meaningful interaction between online sellers and interested buyers. Media materials are available at: Privately held was founded by serial entrepreneur and CEO Trevor Milton, who initially conceived the site as the ultimate combination of online auto “dealerships,” integrated National Automobile Dealers Association Appraisal Guides data, and state-of-the-industry search functions that eliminate the need to relist items for sale. The site – which hosts free listings of items in virtually every category, from homes for sale to free kittens – is now one of the fastest-growing online sales portals on the Internet. Site executives also communicate regularly with the community via onsite messages, Facebook ( and Twitter (