About Us

Upillar.com (www.upillar.com) is a free, online classified advertising site launched nationwide in July 2009 in the wake of an extremely successful beta launch. Fast, free, easy and convenient, Upillar.com is the first online sales site to combine proprietary valuation tools, superior search capabilities and ease-of-navigation purpose-built to optimize meaningful interaction between online sellers and interested buyers.

Privately held Upillar.com was founded by serial entrepreneur and CEO Trevor Milton, who conceived the site as the ultimate combination of online auto “dealerships,” integrated National Association of Auto Dealer vehicle-valuation data, and state-of-the-industry search functions that eliminated the need to re-list items for sale.

The site – which hosts free listings of items in virtually every category, from homes for sale to free kittens – is now one of the fastest-growing online sales portals on the Internet. Site executives also communicate regularly with the Upillar.com community via onsite messaging, Facebook and Twitter.

How is upillar.com different from other classified sites?

Upillar.com is, simply put, the easiest, most effective, and most cost-effective place to buy and sell items online. Our mission? Eliminating the aggravation, time and expense our users have experienced on other established auction and electronic-classified sites.

What makes us different? For starters, our search platform allows our users to find exactly what they’re looking for across the country, quickly and efficiently – without being forced to stop and search within a specific city or state. Having said that, you can also search within your city, state, or zip code because of the technology platform we’ve built just for you!

We also take our role as “matchmaker seriously” – and we prove it with features like our patent-pending Equity Search, which allows both buyers and seller to instantly see the amount of equity available in every vehicle listed on the site without having to leave our site. Upillar is the only online-listing site built from scratch to automatically include up-to-the-minute valuation data from the National Association of Auto Dealers (NADA) in every vehicle listing.

You’ve just begun operations. Why should I trust you?

In fact, Upillar’s nationwide launch comes in the wake of strong beta demand for our free online listing service, which combines superior search capabilities with the most attractive features of top paid-listing auction portals and less complex online listing sites.

Reaction to Upillar has been extremely gratifying. Users tell us every day how much they love the combination of free listings, our unique search capabilities, and our proprietary valuation tools. With Upillar.com, you can list your item once and it automatically remains searchable both nationally and locally.

There’s no need to post an item in multiple markets, there’s no need to constantly re-list items to stay in front of potential buyers, and there’s no need to constantly babysit your listings for the 90 days that your Upillar listings remain live. With all these popular features, why wouldn’t you trust Upillar?

Is free really...well..free?

At Upillar, we’re big believers in free. All of our basic listings are free, you’re free to close your deals and pay for your transactions however you see fit, we keep our website free of pop ads and fake listings, and we work hard to keep our site free of inappropriate content – from porn listings to calls for sexually focused meet-ups. That way, you’re free to let your kids list and shop online here!

As you know, some of our competitors charge as much as $100 for basic listings – listings with a quick-turn expiration date. At Upillar, our free classified listings stay active until you sell your item as long as you log on at least every 90 days. Some competitors require you to use a financial service company they own to complete your deal; at Upillar, we let you handle your business the way you – and your buyer or seller – see fit.